Underrated Skills You Should Teach Your Teen Driver

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With the right skills and auto insurance in Arcadia, your teen driver can stay safe on the roads.

Inevitably, your youthful offspring grow up to be members of society. For most, that journey includes a stop at the DMV to get a driver’s license. Even though they’re on their way to mastering how to drive a car, parents are often filled with nerves, as well as excitement. As a parent, you have the power to equip your teen driver with the right skills to build their abilities and responsibilities. By teaching them useful driving skills and securing reliable auto insurance in Arcadia, your teen can be confident behind the wheel.

Teach Manual Skills

Today’s new vehicles are laden with technology. While this is a good thing for the average adult driver, it is still incredibly important to know how to drive safely without the help of these gadgets. Teach your teen how to reverse without relying on the backup camera and emphasize the importance of checking their blind spot themselves before merging.

Driving at Night

Driving at night has its dangers, even for the most experienced drivers. Teens may not spend any time driving in the dark until they have their license in hand. So that your child knows what to do, spend a bit of time on a weekday night (when the roads tend to be quiet) teaching how to navigate the roads at nightfall. Talk to your teen about the dangers of night-time driving and how to use their headlights properly.

Practice Sharing the Road

Every day we have to share the road with cyclists, pedestrians, and school buses – among other motorists! Ensure that your child knows how to move around cyclists safely and when they should not pass a school bus. Not only will your teenager use these skills regularly – as in, every day – but these skills also enable them to navigate these circumstances on their driving test without any problems.

With your teen behind the wheel, you’ll want to secure reliable auto insurance in Arcadia, California. Visit the local experts at Grand Oak Insurance Agency to get started on a tailored policy.

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