Wildfire Evacuation Tips

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Wildfire Evacuation Tips

Know How to React to Wildfire Evacuation  

While some areas are more prone than others, wildfires can happen anywhere in the U.S. While many are still reeling from the California fires in late 2017, homeowners, businesses, and individuals are now more aware than ever of the destruction and devastation that wildfires can cause. With this in mind, it’s important to always be prepared for a wildfire so that you can react quickly.

Here are some wildfire evacuation tips that can help you prepare.

What Can You Do in Advance?

  • Plan an evacuation route. Know how to leave your immediate area (with multiple different routes mapped out in case the first one is not passable) and know where to go if you have to evacuate. Follow the instructions provided by local officials and don’t forget to include your pets in your plans.
  • Develop a family communication plan so that all of you know how to reach each other, should you get separated.
  • Create a family emergency plan. Put your communication and evacuation plans on paper to help ensure everyone is on the same page and has the information they need.
  • Stock an emergency supply kit, including food, water, a flashlight, a hand-crank radio, a first aid kit, dust masks, prescription medications, clothing, matches, pet supplies, and more.

What Should You Do During and After a Wildfire?

If there are wildfires in your area, prepare yourself and your family to evacuate on short notice. Local TV and radio outlets may issue a fire weather watch, which means fire weather conditions are possible during the next 12 to 72 hours.

  • If ordered to evacuate, do it immediately and tell the people on your contact list in your family communication plan.
  • If you or a family member suffers burns, cool and cover them, and call 911 immediately.
  • Only if local authorities report it is safe to do so, return to your home or apartment.
  • Check that your home is safe from smoke and hidden embers.

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